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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

My fascination with photography started at an early age. Actually it was the camera that fascinated me and the image capture part naturally followed. One of the very first cameras I had the pleasure of owning was a little spy/novelty camera. The kind of camera you would win at a local fair as a consolation prize or one you would get from the more pricey ($.25) gumball machines.

It just amazed me that you could actually put film in one of those cameras and produce a real image. From that point on, things just got better. My freshman year of high school I joined the photo club and after saving my pennies, purchased my first SLR camera. A Pentax K1000. I was in heaven. I learned photography the old school way. I took the images, developed the film and made the prints in the dark room. The coolest part was placing a print in the developer and watching the image emerge. Magic!

I photographed anything and everything. It wasn't until the mid 1990's that my fascination turned to photographing people. I photographed my first wedding professionally in 1996. After that I was off and running.....

Since that time I have had the honor of capturing over 300 weddings, various events and countless portraits. I have the best job in the world. Every time I put my camera to my eye, I get to create something new for my clients. How many occupations allow you to do that?

They say every picture tells a story. I invite you to view my images and the stories that they tell...